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Adam Perry

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Open Source


Incremental declarative UI runtime for Rust. Related materials:


Continuously measure the performance of binaries generated by rustc. Related materials:

Work Highlights


Fuchsia: Software Engineer -- Nov 18 - present

  • TODO
  • time sync, kclocks
  • logging


Software Developer -- Nov 16 - Jul 17, Jan 18 - Sep 18

Engineering Manager -- Jul 17 - Dec 17

  • Planned and led our first company-wide targeted product push
  • Doubled our engineering team in 6 months
  • Worked to establish strong norms around mentorship, self-care, and engineering rigor

Northern Arizona University

Application System Analyst -- Aug 15 - Oct 16

  • Built a high-performance metagenomic binning pipeline designed for rapid detection of rare variants of pathogens in genetic samples
  • Worked on several Django web applications to support various research efforts

End-User Computing Specialist -- Jul 14 - Aug 15

I worked on the school's help desk for the Bb Learn LMS and ended up developing several custom software projects including:

Prior to the above, I've worked a few other jobs:

  • desktop technician at a small business, where I wrote a custom remote desktop image creation and deployment system in PowerShell
  • retail employee and manager
  • line cook at a vegan restaurant
  • "bindery technician" at a print shop, also their sysadmin
  • courtesy clerk at a grocery store