how i did that one thing that one time

Some technical ramblings by Adam Perry.

Snapshots: Automating Golden Master Regression Tests in Rust

TLDR: I’ve been playing around with snapshot, a crate for automating golden master tests in Rust. It’s experimental and unstable, but I think it’s a cool example of how easy it is to build procedural macro helpers with the newer Rust APIs.

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For Posterity: New job, conference talks

Blogs serve lots of purposes. In the past I’ve written here to talk about mostly technical Rust things, but I thought it’d be worth writing a little bit about what I’ve been doing since last fall. I don’t expect anyone to read this but it’ll be nice to have for myself down the road.

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Rust Performance: A story featuring perf and flamegraph on Linux

Gaining some performance wins in a Rust program with a 7 line diff, using cargo bench, perf, and flamegraph on Linux.

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cue: a little parallel pipeline

I published a quick little crate for long-running “streaming” parallel tasks.

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Baby Steps: Slowly Porting musl to Rust

TLDR: I’m toying with writing a C standard library in Rust by porting musl-libc over function-by-function. The work is in progress at

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