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For Posterity: New job, conference talks

Blogs serve lots of purposes. In the past I've written here to talk about mostly technical Rust things, but I thought it'd be worth writing a little bit about what I've been doing since last fall. I don't expect anyone to read this but it'll be nice to have for myself down the road.

In the summer of 2016 my fiancee and I decided to relocate to a larger city. Since I had started writing software full-time, the SF Bay Area seemed like a good choice to find something relatively entry-level. It also seemed likely that I'd be able to continue working on exciting problems but which maybe had more direct day-to-day impact for users. I had previously applied to Triplebyte in 2015, which didn't end up working out (I was even more green then, to be sure), but I gave it another go. It was pretty exciting when they let me know they'd like to fly me to SF to interview with some companies! Aside: Triplebyte was fantastic in pretty much every way, and now that I'm also on the hiring side of speaking to "3b" candidates I've been really impressed by the people they've sent us.

I ended up meeting the people at Expo (then Exponent) and I really loved the future they pitched of a world where "native-quality" mobile app development was as accessible as the web had been when I made a Geocities site to catalog the Pokemon I'd caught. As you may guess, I've been working there and it's been a pretty phenomenal experience. It's been about six and a half months, and I'm currently sitting at a cafe near the Louvre in Paris, on the heels of React Europe.

What's all happened? I've:

If you're reading this as someone out in the world, you're probably expecting some sort of exhortation, summary, or moral of this story. Sorry! I'm really just writing this for Adam-five-years-from-now, so he has a record of how incredible this period of time has been.